Tuesday, February 15, 2011

And the winner is.................

I have spent the last few years going from doctor to doctor, each telling me they think I have this or that.   The diagnosis results have ranged from Parkinson's to strokes to a range of other ailments.  At long last, they have finally agreed that I have MS. 
For some reason, it gives me comfort to at least have a handle on which direction I will be going.  At least I can put a finger on why this or that is happening, and not just wonder what test or treatment will be forthcoming.
Don't get me wrong; I am not thrilled with the diagnosis.  I do think, however, it is better than many of the other choices. 
I hope you will come along with me on this "adventure".  I am sure that some of you are going through the same thing and have suggestions to help with the day to day struggles that those of us with MS face.
Hopefully, we will make new friends and share ideas, encouraging each other through each day's ups and downs.

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