Thursday, February 17, 2011

Boys are like that........yeah they are!!!!!!!

A friend emailed me about her youngest son, who just turned two.  It seems she found him in the bathroom getting ready to put his head in the toilet.  Pulling him away from it, she asked him why he wanted to do that.  "Duke (their dog) does it," he told her innocently.  Her question now is, will her son start going outside and hiking his leg on the tree, "cause Duke does it" ??!

Most of us seem to do things, even things we don't particularly want to, because someone else does it that we admire or want to please.  Thinking back on some of the really stupid things I have done falls into that category.  It was not that I really wanted to do it, I just thought that someone would approve of me more if I did.  That is one place where getting older comes in quit worrying about what someone else thinks!

Which brings me to the point of this MS progresses, or just acts up on certain days, those of us who have it have had to decide to quit worrying about what someone else thinks or does.  I KNOW I'm the person that some people turn around and look at when walking in the mall.  I have learned to just smile and go on.  I remember a little girl stopping and asking me if I had hurt my leg.  I told her no, that I have a disease that causes me to drag my leg sometimes.  She asked me what it was.  I told her MS.  She said, "Oh.  Is that like bruises?  I have some of those," and she showed me a bruise on her leg. 

Maybe if we took more time in sharing our ups and downs, rather than judging from afar, we would find common ground in so many things we often view critically.  Let's face it, we all have "bruises"........some are just more permanent than others.........but all are part of our being and shared by more people than we think.

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