Saturday, February 26, 2011

Put Another Log on the Fire

I was thinking about how some of us walk.  Actually, I was watching Miss Congeniality and thought about it.  I have never in my wildest dreams  considered that anyone, Michael Caine included, could whip me into shape and get me to look like Sandra Bullock does in that movie!  (Actually, I have never dreamed I could look as good as she does at any time!) 
So, I’m watching this and there is a line in it where Caine tells Bullock to “glide” when she walks.  She clumsily drags her feet along the sidewalk and he ends up showing her how to “glide”.  (If you haven’t seen the movie, it is very funny and well worth checking out if you want to lay back and enjoy a couple of hours!)
Sometimes it feels like I glide.  Usually it feels more like I sling a log along.  My right leg is dead probably 85% of the time.  It is like dragging a heavy log with you wherever you go.  It does not make for a “dainty” walk.  When the doctor asked me to walk across the floor, he told me I have a typical MS walk.  I don’t think it was a compliment on gracefulness!
Some days, the leg feels almost normal.  It is almost scarier when that happens.  You can’t really “trust” it and tend to walk as you do when it is numb.  Either way, you strain your back and walk awkwardly.  It makes me think of when Frankenstein’s monster started walking and threw his arms way out to balance.  It may not be that dramatic when you see it, but it feels like that.
I think we all would like to be in the “babe” or “hunk” category.  That is why cosmetics, clothes, gyms, plastic surgeons and such make so much money.  We all have the dream of being desirable and beautiful/handsome.
Most people are so much more attractive than they think they are.  I know it is naïve and old-fashioned to think that beauty is found within, but it IS true.  There are so many attractive looking people who are terribly ugly acting people.  If we hang on to that thought, maybe those of us who have no chance at being Sandra Bullock beautiful can be content…………………maybe! J

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