Friday, February 18, 2011

You Wore WHAT to Church??!!!!!!!!!!

I remember getting so excited thinking that it was getting close to Easter and I would, hopefully, be getting a new dress to wear to church.  Easter was one of the few times, besides school starting, that new clothes were bought.  To me, it was far more exciting than thinking of Easter baskets and candy.

Over the past few years, I have thought long and hard about that idea.  My thoughts have changed dramatically on what one should and should not wear to church.  But even more than that, MS has played a major role in my outfit decisions.

On two different occsions I have been walking down the hall at church, fell, and looked around to see if anyone besides my husband was seeing my underwear!  After that second fall, I have re-thought my position on suitable attire for church.

Most people, especially those of us over the 40ish age range, have been brought up to believe that one should dress in their "Sunday best" to attend church.  This usually includes a man wearing a suit and tie and a woman wearing a dress, heels and hose.  Most younger people have moved away from that line of thought and settled for the man wearing slacks and a shirt and the woman often wearing a pant suit type outfit without the necessity of heels.

I know that my grandmother would roll over in her grave, but I have worn dress jeans and dressy shirt to church on several occasions.  Since it is a small church with a variety in ages of people, no one has fainted when I walked in or given me hateful glances.  I am also not the only one who dresses in a casual manner, so am thankful that I don't stand out on that front.

I decided on this post today because so many people judge things and have no idea the real reason behind why something is done a particular way.  I would LOVE to wear fancy dresses and heels to church.  The problem is, I do not want to show my underwear to whoever is walking by if I fall.  The jeans/slacks seem to be the best solution to that problem.

Besides, it is not WHAT I wear, but WHY I am there that counts................:)

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