Saturday, February 19, 2011

If you would chew your food up good you wouldn't choke!!

When I was young, I was really skinny, but had a ravenous appetite.  I ate all the time and was always looking forward to the next meal.  My grandmother was constantly asking the doctor to check me over.  She felt that anyone so little who ate so much must have worms!
Unfortunately, now that I am older, I can eat or not eat and don’t lose an ounce.  I must have used up all that energy and calorie burning gene when I was younger.
I noticed a few years ago that I have weeks where, no matter how much I chew my food, I want to get choked.   I can chew and chew, but when I swallow, it seems to be much bigger than my throat and won’t go down.  This, also, is an MS symptom.
I think one of the hardest things to get used to with MS is that you can’t get used to anything!  One thing may be a problem for a few months, clear up, and something else starts.   It is hard to adjust to an ever changing symptom pattern.
I do know this for sure………I can grind up my food in the blender, but if my throat does not want to swallow correctly, it doesn’t matter how pulverized the food is. 
I really would hate to know they put  “She choked to death on a chocolate chip cookie” on my tombstone, though!

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