Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Enjoy The View!

June 20, 2012 - Summer Begins!!! (YUKKKKKKK!!!!)

Like most with MS, summer is NOT my favorite time of year.  I spend most of the time inside trying to stay as close to the a/c as possible.

I have the cooling vest, hat and wrist bands, but they only help if I am in the shade.  Being out in the direct sunlight is a no-no.  Nothing seems to help when the temperature starts staying above 70 degrees.

I have learned, though, that there is still a lot of things to enjoy in the “house bound” world.  I love reading, spending time on my computer and getting a Sunday Bible lesson together.  Buffy enjoys sitting on my lap and watching TV with me. Puttering around the kitchen has always been one of my all time favorite activities.  All of these things I can still enjoy and stay out of the heat.

Since my husband built our little room on the back of the house, I can sit there and enjoy watching the garden grow (we have some huge tomato plants with big tomatoes on them!) and the little critters playing in the backyard. 

I was looking out this morning watching the baby rabbit.  He is so cute and is getting a little braver about getting away from the shed where he was born.  I laughed as I watched him chase a bird, who was not in the least afraid of him.  He would hop all around the bird and come at it from different angles.  The bird would turn in circles watching him, but didn’t fly away.  I could almost see the confusion on the rabbit’s face wondering why he was not intimidating the bird and it was just standing there watching him.  It really was a funny sight.

It is wonderful, if you think about, how God made us so that we can adapt to whatever situation we are in if we want to.  Most of us with MS have had to drastically change our lifestyle from what it once was.  It is up to us how we accept this. 

Although life may not be what we had once envisioned it would be, we can still have a fulfilling one and share love and happiness with those around us……….just look out the window……….there is so much to see!!


Muffie said...

A good reminder, Janie. Thanks! Our heat is also soaring for a few days. Seventies and low eighties don't bother me that much, but it's 98 today. Just walking to and from the car exhausts me in this heat.

Janie said...

Anything above 65 or so seems to beat me in the ground. Thank the Good Lord for A/C!!! :)

Yavonda said...

Oh I hear you about this summer heat. I live in Arkansas and the temps have been climbing since May. The hotter it gets, the worse I feel. It is so easy to get really down about it, so thanks for your dose of positive energy. I needed it this week. :)
Do you mind if I add your blog as a link from mine? I typically write a mom blog, with a few posts about my struggle with MS.

Janie said...

I would be honored for you to add my blog, Yavonda! I am thrilled to read and share MS ups and two of us are alike, but we usually have several things in common that we can all realate to....