Monday, June 25, 2012

Topless or Bottomless??

June 25
When I was young, I was skinny.........really skinny!  Up until I was past 50, I did not weight enough to give blood. (You had to weigh 120 pounds)  I lived on the Gulf of Mexico for over 20 years and the people I worked with used to kid me that I could run on the beach topless and those watching would think I was a young boy....... I DID NOT think that was funny!!

I don’t have that problem anymore.  As a matter of fact, I would love to lose down to 120 pounds.  I doubt it is happening.  My grandma used to say that as a person got older, they should have some extra meat on their bones.  Not only did it make them look better (stretched the wrinkles out??) but they would live longer if they got sick.  She would be proud of me!

I was thinking about the topless thing this morning when I was trying to get dressed.  Like most of my MS friends, fatigue is one of my biggest day in and day out problems. This morning, like most mornings, I took my pj bottoms off and rested. I put on my panties and rested.  I put on my shorts and rested.  I took off my pj top and rested. I put on my tee shirt and rested.  Dressing takes a long time these days.  I often think I should get some of those fancy lounge pajamas and just keep them on all the time.  They sure would save some time and energy!

Brushing my teeth, combing my hair, taking a shower and all the other normal things everyone does takes so much out of me.  I have so much awe and respect for those with MS who have small children and/or work.  I really don’t see how they manage to do all that involves those activities.

At my last job, I worked four 10-hour days.  We often worked a lot of overtime.  During the last couple of years I worked, it was all I could do to make it.  By the end of the day, I hardly knew my name I was so mentally and physically exhausted.  My husband finally talked me into quitting.  I agreed only because it was taking a huge toll on me.  I was also afraid I was going to start making so many mistakes I would eventually be fired anyway.  That would have really hurt and I did not want to risk it.

I have thought about going topless or bottomless some mornings when I can barely pull on my shirt.  Between the two options, bottomless would be better.  I cannot begin to tell you how terrible topless would look, but I could get a really long tee shirt and cover up the bottomless.  Wonder how much those lounge pajamas or a caftan type outfit would cost and where I could get some????


Muffie said...

Janie, Oh I was right there, empathizing! My husband can shower, shave, dress, and be finished in under a half hour. Me? Close to an hour, and that's not even getting 'dressed up!' By the time I'm dressed, I'm ready to climb back into bed. Topless or bottomless holds no appeal for me -- I eventually have to go outdoors and the neighbors would complain. BTW, I do wear those flowing pants at times -- I just got them in a regular store.

Janie said...

My neighbors would faint....and I would not blame them!!! :)