Monday, June 4, 2012

Jello Flavors

I got up and walked across the floor.  It may not sound like much, but if you’ve ever tried that with Jello legs, you know how awesome it is. Believe me, when you have Jello legs you don’t want to do this…….the floor is very hard when you hit it.

I have also tried to get up with NO legs.  That is also a no-no.  When you try to stand up and there seems to be no muscles in your legs, you don’t get very far…...well, actually you do…..but it is not in the direction you wanted to go.

Those of us with MS go through a lot of phases with different parts of our bodies.  My legs are one part of me that is so unpredictable.  Some days I can walk fairly well.  I bump into the wall and the furniture, but I usually get where I am headed.  Other days, I sit in the recliner or lie on the sofa because my legs won’t go where I want them to.  Some days, I am blessed to get out of bed because my legs won’t hold me up.

I usually use a cane to walk out in public.  Open areas scare me.  There is nothing to hold to and if I start to fall, there is only one way I’m going.  I really don’t like the cane because I don’t feel that it gives me the support that holding on to my husband does.  Most of the time, I am holding on to his shirt, his hand or the back of his pants at the waist.  This seems to work for both of us and makes me feel more secure.

My husband is trying to talk me into getting a walker with a seat and a storage area.  Many times when we have been shopping, I have wished I had one.  I could just turn it around and rest for a moment on the seat.  It is a hard decision for me to make because it means that I probably NEED it rather than just wanting it.  I guess we all hate to think we are getting to that point and fight it as long as possible.

I am thankful that there are these aids available to most of us.  We have a Hospice store nearby and can often get things there without spending so much.  Unfortunately, things are not always there when we need them and we end up paying ridiculous amounts of money at a drug store or online for something that really should not cost that much.  For many of us who are not on Medicare or have not been approved for disability, these costs are out of reach and we do without.

I used to have a recipe for a lime Jello dessert bar.  It was fabulous!  I wish I could find it……….I like that use of Jello much better!!


Muffie said...

I laughed (sorry) when you said you hold onto your husband for support. I did that for the longest time. I thought it made us look all lovey-dovey, when in fact, I was hanging on for dear life. The poor guy had pains in his neck, and I finally had to "let go." That's when the handy-dandy walker became my new escort. Why not try one on for size? You may surprise yourself!

Janie said...

I keep telling Howard that if he ever loses his pants, I will be in deep trouble!!! I am steadily heading towards the walker. I eyed the motorized cart at WalMart today, but someone beat me to it!!