Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Girls Day Out!

My grandmother had 10 children.  My Daddy was the youngest.  There are a lot of cousins and we always spent a lot of time playing together when we were young.  Although there was a vast age difference between some of us, we all loved each other and got along.

Several of my female cousins still live close and I am thrilled to be able to spend time with them. We always get together on each of our birthdays and around the holidays.  Sometimes we go out to a restaurant we have never been to and other times we have a “tea” party.

One of my cousins and I are teapot collectors.  It is so special when we meet at our homes.  Each of us brings a finger food type dish, dessert or other treat.  The hostess fixes the tea. We eat, laugh and then open presents.  It is a special time and we all have a lot of fun.

Although MS has greatly reduced my ability to cook anything really elaborate, the girls understand and take up the slack.  I can still manage to contribute something simple and don’t feel too bad about not being able to do a lot……..at least I tell them that.

Cooking is one of the things that I really love to do.  I have more cookbooks than I care to admit.  It is a joy to me to be able to find something new to cook or a twist on an old dish.  Being up to my elbows in flour is something I always loved.

At times I still try to make a special meal for my husband.  Sometimes it turns out really well, other times I get lost in the process and have to tone it down.  Either way, he is still complimentary and tries to make me know that he appreciates the effort.

I am thankful for my cousins and their love and support.  Even though I may not be able to join in the fun like I once could, there are still good times to be had and life is still good!!
(The one on the top right is me!....NO LAUGHING!!!!)

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Muffie said...

Janie, you're starting to scare me -- my dad was also the youngest of ten and the cousins are spread out greatly by age. I, too, collected teapots, and I love to cook and bake when I'm able!
Love the red hat club photo!