Thursday, June 21, 2012

Take Two Aspirin And Call Me In The Morning

June 20th

Like most people with a chronic disease I spend a lot of time scouring the different websites looking to see how others are coping with their problems.  It may seem harsh, but it is comforting to know that others share your aches and pains and worries.

Having had what I consider a bad experience with Cymbalta, I often look to see how others cope with the everyday upsets of MS.  The wide range of  treatments and suggestions are often mindboggling.

I don’t consider myself a wimp.  When I fell and broke my leg, it was in the morning.  I put off going to the hospital until evening because I didn’t think it hurt bad enough to be broken.  As the day wore on, I realized that the swelling and pain were getting progressively worse and something definitely was wrong.

I gave birth to three children.  Although the pain was rather like trying to pass an elephant, I never asked for pain killers or help with the birthing process.  I was more fearful of harming the child I was trying to bring into the world by taking them than I was of getting some relief from the pain.

For some reason, MS has made me a different person.  Maybe it is the fact that it is a constant pain……….maybe it is because I am older and can’t deal with the pain as well…….and maybe because I just get tired of being tired!!  For whatever reason, I am trying to learn all I can about help with taming this monster.

There used to be jokes about doctors who told their patients, “take two aspirin and call me in the morning”.  This was because so many doctors had no clue as to what was wrong with their patient and no clue as to what to give them to help.  I feel like most of us with MS are in this category.
Until a proper medical regimen is established, most of us will just have to fight the dragon on our own.  We will keep trying different things and hope that one of them will help us enough to be able to stay strong enough to fight a little longer.  Besides, with the army of MS patients we have, we should be able to tame a little dragon or two in the world!!!


Judy at Peace Be With You said...

If you are taking volunteers, I'd like to enlist in your army.

Janie said...

The more the merrier! (OR WHAT THAT THE 3 MUSKETEERS???!!!!) :)

Muffie said...

Janie, I'll join the MuSketeers, also. Does the dragon's flame give off much heat? Just wondering. BTW, all my children were born sans drugs also, even the breech! I know I was much stronger then!

Anna said...

Battle on!

Janie said...

Let's go army!!!!!!!!!!