Friday, June 29, 2012

The Heat Is ON!!!

Dear Mr. Weatherman:
Enough is enough already!!  It is TOO HOT!!! 
I am voicing this complaint for all of us who cannot deal with this type of weather.  Not only is it uncomfortable, it hurts!  My legs, arms and hands are buzzing like crazy.  My face feels like it is on fire even in front of the a/c.  My back is aching and burning. 
My main complaint is the fatigue, which gets much worse in hot weather…………and this weather is not just hot, it is ridiculously hot.  I am protesting!!  I can hardly drag one foot in front of the other and when I sit down it is all I can do to get up.
I would like to point something else out also.  Researchers from the Kessler Foundation, with funding from the National MS Society and the National Institutes of Health, conducted a study comparing cognitive functioning in different temperature conditions in 40 people with MS and 40 people without MS. The data showed that people with MS scored 70 percent worse on tests of memory and processing speed during hot days, while people without MS scored the same during hot and cool days.  Are you listening???
Ah for the cool days of Fall………..or the cold days of Winter…..I dream of these days……being able to walk outside a while; being able to plan on going out without rushing to the car out of the heat; being able to think about going on a short trip and do some shopping; being able to THINK PERIOD!!!
Just wanted you to know how I feel.  Otherwise, I appreciate all the work you do and the great job you do with the forecast.  But, I would appreciate your changing the forecast to a much lower temperature in the very near future.
Thank you.

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Muffie said...

Add me to your protest letter! We're getting another heat wave now, and it really saps me.