Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Monster Within

We’ve all had our share of monsters in our lives.  I have always loved a good mystery story, but when I was young, they would often leave me pulling the covers over my head and hoping that “shadowy figure” did not make its way into my bedroom and get me!

Many children have to face bullying in school.  Whether they are too fat, too thin, too rich, too poor, or whatever, most kids have had a taste of being ridiculed by their peers.  Most of us weathered the challenge and came out OK from it.  Some have given in to the taunting and tragically taken their own lives because they could not face it. Some of us still have scars from the heckling that we carry with us all our lives.

As we grow older, hopefully we learn that most of the criticism that others heap on us is out of jealousy.  I have known some of the most talented, beautiful people who were constantly taunted by others because of jealousy.  It caused terrible hardships on the ones who were receiving these taunts and they were not able to really enjoy the success that they should have been able to.  I always think of Marilyn Monroe when I think of this.  She was so beautiful, but always felt she was not smart enough or pretty enough.  Such a sad ending for a lady who had so much to offer.

Those of us with MS have our own special monster to deal with each day.  No matter which way we turn, the monster is constantly trying to taunt and bully us into submission.  The war is never won, but we do win a few battles now and then.

One of the biggest and best weapons I have is my husband.  He is always scouring the MS sites to see what he can learn to help better understand my struggles and maybe find some helpful hints on dealing with some of the problems I have.  He is my strength and without him I don’t know if I could make this journey.

Another great weapon is the bond those of us with MS share. Unless someone hacks into one of our sites trying to be a troublemaker, the only thing found there is love and encouragement.  Although none of us have all the answers, together we can usually come up with encouraging words or possible things to try to ease the pain someone may be going through.  Many times it eases our struggle just to know that others are in the same boat we are and paddling along.  I guess that old saying “misery loves company” is true!
Until a cure is found for MS, we will all have to try and stay strong in our fight.  Some battles are much harder than others.  Sometimes it seems like giving up is the only answer.  Sometimes that deep, dark hole of depression wants to swallow us up.  We may give in to each of them during difficult times, but we are all fighters.  If the world ever needs tough, longsuffering soldiers to fight the battle of the galaxy, they should look to those of us with MS for role models………we fight the monster within everyday and most of the time we come out winners!!!!!!

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Muffie said...

I was fortunate in that I was never the target of bullies, nor did I bully anyone else. Now, like you, I try to fend off the slings and arrows of this disease bully. Those relentless sieges can be daunting, but I continue to thwart its efforts. And I agree -- the friends with whom I blog are invaluable!