Friday, August 24, 2012

……Checking It Twice!

I love a rainy day!  Actually today is not raining, but it is overcast and what some would call dreary.  I call it wonderful!  It is not so hot and humid, which seem to have been the norm for this summer.  Sometimes it is nice to just sit inside and look outside dreaming of things to come…………like Thanksgiving, Christmas, snow, leaves changing colors and all the wonderful things I associate with Autumn and Winter.  This is my favorite time of the year and I am really getting excited about it.

One of the things I really enjoy is decorating the house.  So far, I have made the wreath for the front door,
decorated the Butler’s Table in the living room
and decorated the Tea Table in the foyer.  (I really wish the "maid" would polish the silver but she is sooooooooo lazy!!)
We hope to go in the morning and get some more things to finish decorating the house with.

I guess these things are exciting to me because they are some of the few things that I can do.  I can stop and rest when my energy gets really low and it won’t interrupt anything.  You can’t do that cooking, cleaning and such.  You can decorate at your leisure and no one is bothered or upset by it.

Most people that aren’t bothered by MS or some other disease have no clue what it takes out of us to do simple little things.  Most people work, do chores around the house, have leisure time and still have energy left over.  Those of us with MS are happy if we can just get one thing done a day.  I remember those days and feel guilty that I did not appreciate them as much as I should have.

As most of us know, one of the things that is so hard to make others understand is our total lack of energy.  As I have said before, tired does not even come close to what we feel.  I was dragging yesterday.  Putting one foot in front of the other was not an option.  My right foot has a tendency to want to drag and I am constantly aware of the danger of it tripping me.  I have absolutely NO desire to break something else!

I always knew that as I grew older I would slow down.  It is something that happens to everyone if they live long enough.  Our bodies as well as our minds start slowing and we either accept it or are totally miserable.  I know some with MS who are very young and this is a terrible problem for them.  It is so sad but something they will have to come to terms with on their own.

As it is, I have started a list, but it frustrates me to look at it.  The list keeps growing and very few things are marked off of it.  I am still checking it each day in the hope that I will get to mark something off……….maybe I will wait until tomorrow to look at it again………..or put it off over the weekend……….Monday might be a good day…….or whenever!!!



Muffie said...

Love your decorations. I won't start until September, but I'll try to take photos. My silver set looks the same -- I say it's antique pewter because it's so gray! I do my list in the computer -- if I get too far behind, I hit delete!

Janie said...

Good idea........maybe if I kept mine on the computer and could just delete them they would not seem so overpowering!!!