Friday, August 31, 2012


Have you ever really looked at a spider’s web?  It is a really pretty, intricate  production.  Especially when it rains and little water droplets attach themselves to the web.

 I really like them, unless I walk into one and it gets all over me.  Then I start panicking about a spider crawling on me and getting caught in my hair or something.  I am not really afraid of spiders, I just don’t want them crawling all over me.  I like the beautiful work that spiders do in making their webs.  I just wish they were not all over my house.

I was sitting in the shower this morning and looked up.  There was a spider web in the corner way up on the wall.  It is not the first one I have noticed lately.  I was reading some comments from others yesterday and they said that they also had really become aware of how messy their homes are as compared to years ago.  Mine is getting to the point of ridiculous!!

My “dust bunnies” are having babies like crazy!  Don’t they realize that mating season is supposed to be in the Spring??  I can’t believe how dusty and dirty my home is becoming.  I really worry about it.  Unfortunately, worry is usually the most I can do about it.

I have tried to keep up with sweeping and such as much as possible.  My energy level, plus the unsteadiness of my balance, does not allow for me to put a lot into housework.  My husband is very patient and understanding of this, but understanding the problem does not get things done that I want to do.  I am so frustrated!!!

I am going to try and make a list (back to that list thing!!) of all the things that I need to get done and see how many I can mark off by the end of the year.  Not a New Year’s Resolution, but a need to do type thing. 

I know that I am not alone in this problem.  It would be nice to have the money to have someone come in once a week or so and do the deep cleaning around the house.  The only thing with that is that I want to do it myself.  It is one of the things that I have always really taken pride in.  I love seeing how good something looks when you clean it.  I am a “Susie Homemaker” at heart and love taking care of my home and making it look nice.  I love sewing, crafts and  trying out new cooking recipes.  I would love to be able to do these things again.

In talking with people who do not have MS, they just don’t “get it”.  They always tell me to take my time and I will be able to get it all done.  They say to not get upset about it because I will be able to do these things in the future.  Wrong on both counts!!! MS is a monster that does not take a break.  That does not mean that there are not days I  can do more than I can on other days.  But it does mean that I am not likely to suddenly be able to do all the things I want to.

Oh well………there is always the possibility that I will lose my list in all the clutter and mess around the house and not have to worry about it!

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Muffie said...

So many things here resonate with me! I love seeing spider webs, but after having been bitten by one, I'm not happy with them right now. We have a lovely lacy one on our hedge, and it picks up the sun's rays -- beautiful!
About the cleaning, oh how I hear you! Since we're 'entertaining' after the baby's christening, I have to 'neaten up.' Husband won't be happy, but a little work each day (he'll be doing and I'll be directing,) will get things accomplished.