Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Not Enough Time In A Day!

When my youngest child was born, my next oldest was 2 ½ and my oldest was 4.  Between taking care of the baby, cooking, cleaning and washing clothes, there never seemed to be enough hours in a day.  I was always running behind on one chore or the other.

When my oldest started school, I kept thinking that maybe I would have a little more time.  Unfortunately, that was not the case.  Car pooling, homework and school activities were added to my ever growing list of things that had to be taken care of.  Twenty-four hours were just not enough to do the things I needed to do each day.

Once the kids were on their own and I was in the workforce again, the problem did not seem to go away.   I worked as a paralegal for a medium sized law firm and the hours were anywhere from eight hours a day to twelve and fourteen hours a day.  It left little time for taking care of my house chores and having any leisure time of my own.

I started looking forward to getting older, retiring and having those leisure hours to spend on things I wanted to do and having the time to do them.  This, too, went the way of a dream that did not come true.

With the onset of more MS symptoms, the days seem to fly by before I can get anything done.  I realize that most of the problem is not that there are THAT many things to do, but the fact that I am often not able to do ANY of them.  Some days, like most with MS, are spent just lying around and trying to gather some energy.  Some days are so filled with pain that I cannot get started on anything that has to do with moving around much.  The process of getting things done and having a schedule seem to be getting further and further away.

I really am not complaining.  My husband is an angel who takes care of me and most of the things that really need doing.  I cook a little when I can, do laundry when I can and clean a little when I can.  Otherwise, we manage with little actually getting done.  He does not complain, so I try to deal with having a house that is not as clean or organized as I would like it to be.  It is one of those things that we just have to learn to accept and not let it ruin the enjoyment of life.

My grandma used to tell me that time would fly as I got older.  I am not yet as old as she was when she told me that, but it is becoming more and more true.  It would seem to me that not being busy would slow the day down but the opposite seems to be the case.  Those things we used to laugh off as “old wives tales” often come true.  Live and learn I guess……….it’s a shame we have to get so old to do it though!!!

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Muffie said...

When the kids were young, I always used to say that I needed one more hour in a day, and one more day in a week, and I'd be caught up! Now, I need a lot more than that!!