Monday, August 13, 2012

Trends and Fads

I have my own style.  Not that I think I am better than the average person or anything, I just know what I like and don’t get into all the fads that come and go. 

When we are young, we want to be in and usually try to keep up with fads in clothing and music and such.  Most of the time, it really isn’t worth the fuss.  So many of the fads in clothing only look good on models and the average person who tries to wear them looks ridiculous.  Most of the time, I just bypass them and stay with what I have.

Things are always changing.  The moguls of the different industries are always coming up with something new to try and sell us more stuff.  I understand  the concept, I just don’t always choose to go along with it, especially as I am getting older.  Most of the clothing and music are geared to the younger crowd and do not interest me in the least.  Unfortunately, there are some of us older folks who can’t seem to get it into our heads that the “new” line of products do not look good on us and make us look downright silly.  I hope I never get into that group.

Music is always changing and I understand that also.  When I was young, my daddy though that music that was not in the Big Band area of music was not even close to being music.  I rebelled at that thought and we had a lot of discussions on what was considered good music. In the long run, we both won. He would listen to his music and I would listen to mine.  Since I went through this with my parents, I understand the need for each generation to have their own styles and their own music.  It is a part of growing up and moving away from the older generations.

MS has its own type of trends and fads.  One day we may have one set of problems, tomorrow we may have something all together different.  Most of us with MS have a certain set of symptoms that stick with us all the time.  Unfortunately, other things want to compete with this “normal” and try to work their way into our lives.  I, for one, think that the new and different things that come along to interfere with our lives are in the category of “I am not interested in trying you out”!

I wish there was a way we could vote out these new upsets in our lives.  Something like voting out a bad representative.  It is unfortunate that life is not like that.  If you don’t like something, you can go back to the store and trade it in.

I wonder if WalMart has a return policy that fits into that category?

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Muffie said...

Like you, I don't go in for fads. I've always worn 'traditional' styles that never seem to go 'out of style.' As a teen, we all wore preppie clothes, but they're still making those styles. At work, I wore jackets and blazers that still look nice now.
As for music, my parents loved big band music, too. My Dad said the Beatles were a flash in the pan! Wrong! I like just about all music, except country and rap.
MS does seem to throw new items our way. I'll stick with what I have, thank you. It never listens, though.