Friday, August 17, 2012

Riding Down The Road

We took a short road trip yesterday.  Sometimes it is nice just to get out of town, even if you aren’t really doing anything special.  We love the mountains and have often dreamed of moving there “when we get old”! (If we get too much older, we won’t be ABLE to move!)

Looking at different scenery is always nice.  My favorite time in the mountains is the Fall, but anytime is nice.  Just riding down the road is beautiful on the Blue Ridge Parkway…………..

This is Pilot Mountain………..remember Andy, Opie and Aunt Bee going to Mount Pilot?.......same general place………

These pictures are of Lover's Leap............although I can't imagine doing so!!!!

This is of Mrs. Onalena Puckett's cabin on the Parkway and a plaque in her honor.

(I know this is hard to read, so I wrote it out.  It is too precious not to!!)

“Born in 1837, “Aunt” Orelena Hawks Puckett lived here during the latter of her 102 years.  She was often heard to say, “The forest was green when I was a-born and I’m green yet.”  A bride at 16, Mrs. Puckett and her husband first farmed below nearby Groundhog Mountain.
Mrs. Puckett was past age 50 when she began a long career of midwifery.  She assisted at the births of more than 1000 babies, delivering the last in 1939, the year she died.  It has been said she never lost a child or a mother through her own fault.  Ironically, none of Mrs. Puckett’s own 24 children lived beyond infancy.
Regardless of weather, “Aunt” Orelena went wherever and whenever called.  Sometimes on horseback, often walking, the midwife brought assurance and kindness to all she visited.  When she began her practice around 1890, her fee was one dollar, and “when times was good”, six dollars.  Often receiving food or other goods in lieu of money, she generously shared all she had with neighbors or those in need.  Today, Orelena Puckett is remembered in this area for her witty, cheerful personality, as well as for her unselfish and skillful practice as a midwife.”
Is that precious or not??!!!!


Muffie said...

What a wonderful story! I, too, love to take little road trips where I can look at the scenery and houses. My husband doesn't get the same enjoyment, so we usually follow the same routes over and over and over...

Janie said...

We love to ride around the country. Just don't get to much anymore since we have Mother. I also cannot ride too long at a time because my legs start giving me a is fun when we get to though!