Monday, March 28, 2011

. . . . . . . . . A Box of Chocolates

Each morning we get up and face a new day.  We decide what we want for breakfast, what we want to wear, etc.  Sometimes the day starts off on a bad note if we have car trouble or get up late.  Most of the time, it is a normal, run-of-the-mill day.
Those of us with MS wake up each day and wonder what we will have……………. numb legs, pins and needles all over, blurry vision, head pounding, pains in our face or multiple other symptoms.  Each day either brings a new set of problems, or a continuation of the old.
Even without MS, we can be faced with waking to a cold, the flu, a bad arthritis day, or a multitude of other ills.  Every day is new and different and presents us with new challenges no matter who we are.
How we face them is what makes us unique.  Some people grumble at the least little problem.  Others face situations that most of us could not even dream of being able to handle.  Most of us fall in the “in between” category. 
I used to get frustrated when I had a really busy day at work coming up and woke up with a cold, or some other routine ailment.  I knew that it would be a really hard day trying to cope with not feeling well and needing to be extra sharp.  We’ve all been there.
I know now that I will have something each day when I wake.  Whether it is the normal fatigue and inability to balance well, to some new thing that has decided to plague me, I will have to get through the day the best way possible.  I hope I have learned, as some others have, that each day, no matter how painful or awkward, is precious and needs to be cherished.  If we are conscious and mobile, we are far above many people in this world.  For this, we should always be thankful.
I do love those boxes of chocolates, though, with the variety of choices.  Like my choices in people, I tend to go for the nuts!

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