Saturday, March 12, 2011

Time For a New Flea Collar?

Everyone has had nights when sleep just will not come.  It is not a new problem or an uncommon one.  MS likes to keep you awake and restless during the night.  It never sleeps and figures you shouldn’t either.
Most of the time when I can’t sleep, my legs feel like there are millions of little critters crawling up and down them just under the skin.  It is a very unnerving and uncomfortable feeling.  No matter what position you move your legs to, it does not stop.
I have been on Requip for several years for Restless Leg Syndrome, but it does not stop the critters from roaming around all through the night.  From reading other peoples comments, it seems to be a common thing with MS, together with burning and sharp pains in the legs.
When a part of the body goes to sleep, as it awakens, there is what is commonly called a “pins and needles” feeling.  This is different from that.  It feels almost like the skin is crawling, but with millions of little creepy, crawly sensations with it.  I relate it to movies where people walk into ant beds and they start crawling all over them.  It is a continuous, highly unnerving feeling.
Several nights I have twisted and turned, propped pillows up, and still could not find “that place”.  Our Pomeranian, Buffy, thinks I am very rude to wake her up at such wee hours of the night.  She has given me some looks that would curdle milk!
The other night she gave me a look and it almost seemed like she telepathically said to me, “maybe you should try some of my flea medicine.”  Who knows……….maybe when I order her next round I might just get some extra and try it………..

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