Friday, March 25, 2011

You Got Your Degree Where??

I have read about some crazy “cures” for different diseases.  Some of them are really out there.  Many people have died trying them.  I used to wonder why someone would try such really stupid sounding things that seemed so dangerous.  I understand now.
I have an aunt who had cancer.  She was given only a few months to live.  She was offered a different “cure” that was illegal in the United States, but obtainable.  Since she didn’t seem to have many options, she agreed to try it.  She lived about forty more years.
I have another aunt who had cancer and was given chemotherapy and radiation treatments.  She is still living, but very thin and weak.  She has said that if it ever comes back, she will not go through that again.
 MS doctors offer their patients several treatment options.  I wrote a blog about some of them.  They are not pleasant and I still do not know which one I will end up choosing to go with.  Most are almost as painful as the disease and cause a multitude of symptoms to add to the ones the patient already has.
In talking with other MS patients, I have learned that off the wall treatments don’t seem so weird anymore.  Sometimes, the most simple of things will be the most helpful, without adding to problems one already has.  I am becoming more and more open to alternative medical practices.  There are loads of vitamins and herbs that might help. Acupuncture, physical therapy and even hypnotism have helped some with different symptoms.  I have decided to have an open mind about these things and weigh all my options before jumping into treatments.
My husband takes medication for his arthritis.  My legs have hurt so bad and been so undependable that we decided that the medicine might help me also.  I think, if only a little, they have.
My doctor is probably going to look at us and say, “and where did you get your medical degree.”  I am tempted to say, “from the School of Hard Knocks.”  After all, didn’t most of us graduate from there? J

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