Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Wrong Kind of Tingle

Remember when you were first in love and you would get a “tingle” in your tummy when you saw the object of your affection?  I get a tingle in my face a lot of times, but it has nothing to do with my love being near!  I know, if you had a face like mine, yours would tingle also……..but let’s not go there!
Part of having MS is tingling in your face, leg and other parts without any reason.  Often times, the tingle is followed by a sharp pain that streaks through.  Tingling in your face is not as bad as tingling in your leg or legs, causing numbness and uselessness.  This is why so many of us with MS have that gait that seems to resemble a drunk person.  It is a very unnerving thing to try and walk when you don’t feel your limbs.
Sometimes, tingling in your face makes you reach up and feel it often and make strange expressions, trying to “wake it up”.  When a part of your body “goes to sleep” and you have those tingling feelings as it wakes up, you regain the use of that part.  With these tingling, it is not so.  That part of the body tends to stay numb and not be useful again.
Many people have dead parts for years and years.  It is sad to tell a part of your body goodbye.  Not only does your lifestyle change, but people’s concept of you changes.  You are no longer able to do many of the things you once did and your place in the world is moved to a different spot.
It used to be very irritating when my leg would go to sleep and then tingle back awake.  Now, it would be a blessing. 

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