Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Outtake From the Exorcist??

From reading different posts on MS on Facebook and other MS sites, it is apparent that most of us have a lot of the same symptoms.  We may call it different names, but the results are the same.
I don’t know what the medical term is, but sometimes it feels like the muscles are twisting and tightening in the back of my eyeball.  It feels like stretching a rubber band as far as it will go without breaking.  I often wonder if my eyeball is going to start spinning around.  It is a painful, scary feeling.
Many of the aspects of MS are also symptoms of other diseases.  That is why it is so hard to get a diagnosis of MS from a doctor.  What is really bad is that there are so many symptoms.  It seems like every day something new wants to pop up and give you a hard time.  That is why most people who have MS call it The Monster.
Not only is it a monster, but it is an unappreciated monster by most “outsiders”.  I relate this to The Exorcist because, in the movies, it always seems so hard to get someone to believe that a person is possessed.  The person may be exhibiting all types of symptoms, but they can be related to other things if you really want them to. 
Most of us with MS have the same problem…….. many people don’t want to think that anything is wrong with us.  Maybe they only see us on a “good” day, or think we are whiners or stretching the facts.  I just wish we could have our MS exorcised and it be gone like in the movies.
We are all hoping and praying for a cure, or at least something that will put the monster on hold.  Until then, I will hope that my eyeball does not twirl around like Linda Blair’s head did!

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