Wednesday, March 16, 2011

…....…..Where the Buffalo Roam

One thing my husband and I have always had in common was our love for the mountains and the wide open spaces of the West.  To us, they are so beautiful and peaceful, reminding us of life long ago when things were slower and more personal.
I love the long stretches of land where there are no concrete sidewalks and stores to clutter up the landscape.  Riding along just watching for cows, horses, and tumbleweeds is so relaxing.
I had a nightmare the other night about being in an open field.  In every direction I looked, the field just went on and on.  That may not seem so horrible to you, but I’ll tell you why it is to me.  There was nothing to hold on to.
I am beginning to learn my limitations.  Walking through the house I run my hand along the wall, the back of the sofa, the chair, whatever is handy to keep my balance.  When we go shopping, I hold onto the buggy or my husband’s hand.  Going up the steps, I grab the back of his pants at his belt.  Each of these gives me the help in keeping my balance that I need not to fall.  Thinking of being set down in a store with no husband or buggy to hold on to gives me a sense of fear.
I have considered a walker or a cane, but my right leg tends to swing outward sometimes and I am afraid that I would trip trying to use them.  I think part of the reason may be that I do not want to give in and go that route until absolutely necessary.  I guess we all have that little bit of pride that is hard to push down.
I used to want to be a cowgirl and ride the range with the cowboys.  It seemed like such a wonderful life to sleep out on the prairie under the stars and be away from the hustle and bustle of the city.  I still dream the dream, but the reality would be scary at the moment………………

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