Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Can I Be Rip Van Winkle---Just For a While?

Four years ago I had another neurologist.  According to his nurse, if I would eat this, not drink that, do this or that, my symptoms would clear up and I would be fit as a fiddle.  I tried it, but guess what?  Nothing changed.
I have been taking Requip for a long time to try and help me settle down and sleep.  My husband and I did not think it helped much until we went on a trip and I forgot to take it with me.  It was a very long, sleepless, restless night for both of us.  I seriously doubt I will forget to take it anywhere I go again.
Obviously, it helps some.  I still have trouble sleeping, often lying in bed for several hours before falling asleep.  I always wake up two to three hours later and cannot go back to sleep.  I feel hot, not sweaty, but on the inside, and restless.  When I do fall back asleep it is only for a few minutes.  This goes on until morning. 
Most of the people who write on the MS site have the same problem.  There are two things that 99 percent of MS patients have: fatigue and sleep problems.  Most of them wake up, are hot, restless and have broken sleep.  Many are on medication to help them fall asleep, but are told not to take it over once or twice a week.  Unfortunately, that is the only time they get a full night’s sleep.  They often say it is hard not to abuse the medication just to get some rest.
I guess part of the fatigue with MS is lack of rest.  Most MS patients rest several times a day, but it is not a peaceful rest.  We are constantly moving and uncomfortable, so the rest does not really rejuvenate us. 
Many dream for a Rip Van Winkle period……….just sleep peacefully and let the world go by………hopefully not for as long as he did….

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