Thursday, March 10, 2011

That’s a Serious Drawl You Have

I have noticed that I sometimes have trouble getting my words out.  I have to stop and take my time to get them formed correctly.  Sometimes it seems, at least to me, that decades go by before I can finish a word.  My husband tells me it is barely noticeable.
I do know that when my mouth is numb, which is seventy-five percent of the time, I cannot just say words.  It seems like the lips and tongue are in conflict with each other and when trying to say even simple words, they start a war.  The result is often a slurred word, or long pause to try and get things together for the right thing to come out.  Many times I find myself just nodding, instead of answering, for fear of what might come out of my mouth.
Most people who have handicaps or “defects” of some kind are acutely aware of them.  They may not seem as apparent to others as they are to us.  It makes it doubly difficult to just overlook something that seems so blatantly apparent to us.
When most of us were teens, we had some type of acne problem.  Some had a horrible time with it; others had just a few pimples here and there.  I do know that even if you just had one spot, it seemed like it covered your whole face and everyone was looking at it. 
If someone tells you they are having a problem with something, don’t make light of it because it seems like nothing to you.  It might just be that their whole world seems upside down………….

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