Friday, March 18, 2011

Don’t Push the Panic Button!

According to the MS Website: Life is full of stress and MS generally adds a hefty dose of disease-related stress to the mix. MS is unpredictable and just anticipating the next exacerbation can be a significant source of stress. MS can also lead to some major life changes such as loss of mobility and interference with work. Thus the person with MS faces significant challenges in coping with a potentially stressful life. Stress has also been cited as a possible precipitant of the onset of MS or a trigger for exacerbations.
What are exacerbations? A clinically significant event (meaning that it has outward signs and/or symptoms) caused by an MS lesion on your brain or spinal cord. It is either a worsening of symptoms that you already have, or the appearance of new symptoms. Relapses are also referred to as "exacerbations," "attacks" or "flares."
When I have a new attack, I tend to panic, wondering how bad it will get and how long it will last.  This, of course, causes the stress mentioned above.  It is a vicious cycle.
Most of us have enough stress in our lives.  Between bills, the economy, family problems, sickness, conflicts in the world and a million other things, most of us have far more stress than we can deal with.  Watching the news or reading the newspaper can bring on a panic attack!
I need to learn that no matter how bad I think things are getting, I need to put it in God’s Hands and let Him help me with it.  Unfortunately, I have found that I tend to want to hang onto some of it and not let Him do so.  I need to learn to let go!

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