Friday, March 4, 2011

James Brown Would Be Proud!

I Feeeeeeel Good, nana-nana-nana-na!!!  Well, maybe not THAT good, but better than I have for a while.  For some reason, today is a good day.  My leg is numb and I still walk funny, but most of my usual hurts are absent.  That is normal for MS.  Some days are better and some days are more challenging.
I know you have those days also.  I’m not saying otherwise.  Even before MS I had days where I was dragging and days I could climb Mt. Everest.  I really appreciate these “up” days now, though.
We all want to feel great.  It rarely happens.  Arthritis, headaches, ingrown toenail, or any little thing can really upset our days.  It doesn’t take something really dramatic to make it hard to function.  I have had dull headaches that seemed worse than a migraine because it would not go away and zapped my energy trying to function through the day.
In writing this blog, I am not trying to say that those of us with MS have it any harder than most people trying to get through their lives.  All I’m saying is, it is different.  We have struggles unique to our situation.  I just want to try to let those who have not been around the disease get an idea of what we go through so they can, hopefully, not judge so harshly when they see us.
We all suffer in some way, shape or form.  Helping each other through life should be our greatest goal. 
I thought about trying for James Brown’s scream but decided against it…………..I don’t want to give the puppy a heart attack…….nana-nana-nana-na……………….

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