Thursday, March 3, 2011

I Really Miss My Brain

One of the things I have really enjoyed in life is research.  I worked for a law firm for 15 years as a paralegal.  It was fascinating to dig into the books and records and find what I needed to compose pleadings and other documents in my work.
In recent years, I have enjoyed surfing the web and finding out all kinds of things that were never available to most of us before.  I alternate teaching Sunday School and love digging into all the resources on the internet to help with my subject for the week.  There are just too many interesting things to get into to be bored if you have a computer.
Unfortunately, MS does not like letting you enjoy all your brain functions.  I know that as one gets older, their brain cells start dying off and things get a little harder to comprehend.  MS speeds this process up greatly.  I find that it takes twice as long to “get” what I’m reading and trying to concentrate on than it did just six months ago.  I don’t try to keep the checkbook any longer, as I don’t trust my math skills to be correct.
I have read a lot of blogs and such from other MS patients and we do all agree on one thing - if you were once too proud to make notes and keep a log of things you do, you quickly lose that pride.  I make tons of notes.  It is the only way I can keep up with things anymore.  I am thinking of getting a small tape recorder and keeping by my bed as I usually think of something I need to remember at 2 AM rather than at the time I need it. 
I used to be fairly intelligent, learned things easily, and could do just about anything I tried.  Now, some days, I am lucky to remember to get up, dress, comb my hair ……………..

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