Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Four Score and Seven Years Ago…….

Most of us will never be famous.  We won’t end up as the CEO of a major corporation, a movie star, or win the lottery.  We do have our own little niches that make us feel like we are useful, though.  Keeping the yard looking nice, cleaning house, cooking, bringing home a paycheck all make us feel like we have a useful place in this world.
I am sitting here thinking of all the things I want to do; the windows need cleaning, the floors need mopping, the shower needs cleaning and you could write the Gettysburg Address in the dust on the TV.  It is really depressing.
My husband tells me that I need to concentrate on letting things go on the days that I have no energy and feel bad and to do things on the days I can.  I seem to have more of the can’t days than can ones, though.  I want to do things, but don’t seem to be able to get up and do them.  They run around and around in my brain, but my body won’t cooperate in getting up and getting them done.
Yes, I am on the pity pot today.  It is very comfortable right now.  I have settled into it and plan on sitting here until the mood leaves me and I can get back to my normal self. Then, I will get up, maybe throw a load of clothes in the washer and see if I can’t get some life back into this day.  I might even try for the 23rd Psalm in the TV dust...........

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